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"All those petty little things in life"

she said

"are killing me."

I sat listening, and turned slightly to the left,

I bit my lip, and blinked.


I said,

"Without those petty things, life would be…

exceptionally uniform."

She winked as a small bug

presumably a fruit-fly,

impacted her eye,

and then she looked at me,

slightly cross-eyed.


she said,

"those little things are so ugly!

I want big details;

I'll cast the rest aside!"

She moved her index finger so it covered a

discoloration on the wooden table in front of her,


she sighed.

"You see,"

I said,

"This is why this will not work.

You cannot notice anything but those petty things;

you are sick of them."

I crossed my left leg over my right and

straightened out a wrinkle in my pants.


she said, clearly upset,

"You are nothing but a mess

of petty details!

You straighten wrinkles,

and adjust the paper in your printer.

You pull loose threads from your linens,

and yet,

you leave your bed undone, and your

pants un-ironed! Your printer out of ink!"

She clenched her jaw strongly;

a vein was embossed slightly from her forehead.


I said,

"So it is about me.

What you say is true,

but that matters only as much as you make it.

I love. Is love so petty as a wrinkle, or a misaligned page in a printer?

Is it so petty as a loose thread?

You have lost yourself in your petty details!

Does that not make you petty?

It does. You are."

Her face had grown red; and her teeth shined in comparison.

She still clenched them.

Her lip twitched, and she stood up.

And walked, far too quickly, to the door.

She ran outside.

I stayed seated for a few minutes,

and got up, running outside.

She was killing ants in the road;

petty little ants, she thought.


she was dashed to the ground

and realized,

like the ants had done moments before,

that she was only a petty detail.
A poem.
hyperfluxy Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012   Writer
I love this. Its very clever and modern, especially the third stanza which ends in-

she sighed.

Its all in the details and
You did a marvelous job with them... <3
IncreaseProctor Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
hyperfluxy Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012   Writer
always :rose:.
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